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Summer school for prototype development opened at Technopolis “Moscow”

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Technopolis “Moscow” became a member of the Association of Industrial Parks of Russia

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“Texel” Company of Technopolis “Moscow” participates in the “Get to know Moscow” project

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The development of the “Silk Road” zone was discussed at Technopolis “Moscow”

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Representatives of the Chinese new and high tech industry development zone are to visit Technopolis “Moscow”

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4.6 billion dollars to be invested in the Russian industrial area construction in Egypt

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Building of Russian industrial zone investment estimated to be $4.6 billion

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Almost $5 billion will be invested into Russian industrial zone in Egypt

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Russian industrial zone in Egypt will open end 2018

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A new Russian industrial zone in Egypt will cost $4.6 billion

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Russia plans to open an industrial zone in Egypt

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Planes made by robot YuMi

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Yulia Shakhnovskaya Director General, Polytechnic Museum

Polytechnic museum has transferred its collections to new 15 000 m2 storage facility, located in Russian capital’s Mecca of innovations – Technopolis Moscow.

Most of Russian museums do not have necessary capacities to store art, collections of manuscripts and so forth. In this regard the storage facility of Polytechnic museum created from scratch in the Technopolis is unique for our country. For instance, the storage contains special temperature and humidity maintaining containers for several thousand rare scientific books.

Leonid Melamed CEO, Composite Holding Company

Technopolis Moscow plays a huge role in the development of our manufacturing.

Since 2011 Technopolis accommodates our R&D Center, Prepreg-SKM factory for carbon fiber fabrics and prepregs manufacturing as well as Nanotechnology Center of Composite Materials that develops new composite products.

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Administrative Support & Advantages

  • Simplified procedures on obtaining construction permits
  • Significant available electricity supply
  • Wide range of potential partners
  • 24h Customs Post
  • Lowered corporate profit tax 15,5% (instead of 20%)
  • Subsidizing of interest rate on bank loans in the amount equal to discount rate
  • Participation in Moscow City Government subsidization and incentives programs
  • Moscow City Government support
  • Transparency and security of investment
  • 0% property tax